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When safety is paramount, and children play, exercise, or spend time with friends at an outdoor leisure activity, you will often see fencing around play areas. Fencing is used for many reasons, and many types of fencing solutions are available depending on your needs.

At Play Fencing Ltd, we can provide what you need if you require fencing for schools, play areas, or sports fencing in Uxbridge. Contact our customer service department if you want more information regarding any of our products and services.

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Why Use Us?

We have installed playground railings at thousands of venues across the UK. Our playground railings stand the test of time and give parents and caregivers the peace of mind to take their children to a fun outdoor area to burn energy and exercise. Parents can be safe knowing our playground railings will stop their child from running too far away.

We have over ten years of experience installing fences around playgrounds, a school, sports areas, and housing estates to ensure the best level of safety for any child. Our accredited installers regularly undergo updated training and security checks to ensure they are up to date for their job.

Playground Fencing Types

Numerous types of playground railings are available; we have listed below some of the most common types we install.

Metal Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Playground railings should be durable and enable the visibility of parents. You could install a bow top railing with metal poles making up the panels or a mesh or steel fencing option that will ensure that children cannot leave the area and that if parents wish to or have to stay outside of the fence, as with sports fencing, they can still see their children.

Metal fencing is safe during playtime, as all metal playground fences produced for the UK market are designed to ensure that children cannot become stuck in the fence when playing.

Types of playground fencing

Bow Top Fencing Uxbridge

Bow Top fencing has recently become the UK standard playground fencing option, with variations used throughout Europe. Bow Top fencing can be installed at various heights, making it ideal for playgrounds or as a school railing that needs to be higher.

Bow top railings give security as it is more difficult to climb over than a railing with a flat top. There are no sharp edges that children can hurt themselves on, and the range of sizes for both posts and panels means it is ideal for playgrounds, parks, and schools.

Wooden Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Using treated hardwood for sports or playground fencing is best because it will last longer and be more durable to the elements and sports and playground behaviour. Many types of timber fencing are available for playgrounds, depending on your area and the playground uses.

Playground Fencing Costs Uxbridge

The average cost of playground fencing in the UK ranges from £90 to £130 per linear metre.

The cost of playground fencing can vary widely depending on various factors such as the type of fencing material, the length of the fence, installation requirements, and local labour and material costs.

It’s advisable to obtain quotes from playground fencing contractors in your area to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and local conditions.

Additionally, consulting with a professional in playground design or a fencing contractor can help you make informed decisions about the best type of fencing for your particular playground and budget.

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What Affects the Price of Playground Fencing?

Several factors can influence the price of playground fencing. Understanding these factors will help you assess and plan for the costs involved. Here are some general considerations that can affect the overall cost:

The price will depend on the type of material and height of the fencing you wish to purchase. Our products meet UK safety standards and have a rigorous quality-checking process.

Where is Playground Fencing Installed?

Playground fencing is installed around outdoor play areas to provide a boundary and enhance safety. Here are common locations where playground fencing is installed:

School Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Playground fencing and gate options for a school will have to consider the children’s safety. Therefore, it is unlikely that anything other than steel fences will be used with a steel gate or gates built around the playground and sports areas.

Playground fencing for a school will still meet the standards of public playground railings but will have the additional security of a gate with a heavy-duty locking system installed in most instances.

Nursery Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Nursery fencing will be very similar to a school fencing system, although it often includes brighter colours. If it is within a secure fenced area, the internal fencing for a nursery will be much shorter.

Park Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Parks are likely to become busy and can often be near roads or pedestrian areas. Having playground railings installed with pedestrian gates will ensure children can safely enjoy time outside without wandering too far.

Where is Playground Fencing Installed?

Housing Estate Playground Fencing Uxbridge

If there is a playground within a housing estate, it is usual for a metal fence to be installed. Play areas within housing estates are often near roads and used by children of all ages, so they require a fence that will ensure safety.

Holiday Park Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Holiday parks will usually use a range of railings; for example, they will install a high perimeter fence around the outside of the park for security. Then, there are different railings around the different areas of the park.

There will usually be something that will tie in the different types of fencing used for the playgrounds, sports areas, and rides, typically the colour or materials.

Shopping Centre Playground Fencing Uxbridge

Shopping centres that include a playground will often have small wooden fencing installed around the area a child is playing in. As the area for playing is inside a secure shopping centre, there is no need for an internal metal fence, so colourful small fencing options are usually used.

Private Properties

Individuals may install playground fencing in their garden or on private property to create a safe and controlled play environment for their own children.

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Why is Playground Fencing Important?

It is imperative that you have a fence around a playground, with playground gates in operation that break up the playground railings.

If you are taking a child to a local play spot, it is important that you know they are safe at all times. Children will run around when playing and will not always be within arm’s reach.

If you are not constantly within touching distance of the child, this is where railings are essential.

Why is Playground Fencing Important?

What is Play Area Fencing?

Play area fencing is a timber or metal fence that is installed around any type of play area in any location to ensure that everyone using the area is safe.

Why have Playground Fencing Installed?

Playground fencing will ensure that a child cannot run out onto a road and can play safely near their parent or guardian without being within reach at all times. It is essential to health and safety to run a playground where everyone can play.

Playground Fencing Colours

Both metal and timber fencing are available in a range of colours, including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a range of the most common questions we are asked during the planning and installation phases.

Do I need a Fence Around my Play Area?

It is always necessary to have a fence around play areas; this will stop unwanted dogs or other animals from entering the play areas and will ensure safety.

Is Playground Fencing Secure?

Playground railings offer a safe and secure barrier to stop children from being able to leave an area they are playing in unnoticed. Parks can become busy, but with the correct railings and gates in place, playgrounds will be secure for everyone to play.

playground fencing FAQ'S

What Material should my Playground Fence be?

The most common material for playground fencing products is either powder-coated steel or timber fencing. Steel railings will be hot dip treated and powder coated to ensure that they do not rust or cause injury to children.

If timber is being used for the playground railings, the railings will also have to be treated to ensure that they are durable.

Play Area Fencing Safety Standards

The safety standards for playground fencing products are very clear, and all of our fences meet the BS EN 1176 play fence standard. These are the standards of safety designated for British and European playground railings.

Playground Fencing Requirements

Fence panels in a playground must be at least 1 metre high, and this must be maintained across sloping areas. Bow top fence panels are a great way to meet this requirement as they are manufactured in a range of heights.

All panels must be manufactured in a way that no person can become stuck in the panel or the bow top. Fence panels and any gate installations must be made of durable materials, and timber must not splinter.


Playground fencing or playground railings should be durable and enable the visibility of parents. Playground fencing could be a bow top railing with metal poles making up the panels or a mesh or steel fencing option that will ensure that a child cannot leave the area and that if parents wish to or have to stay outside of the barrier, as with sports fencing, they can still see their child.

Whatever your needs are, please contact our customer support team today for more information and a no-obligation quote.

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I would highly recommend the company for railing installation; each person I spoke to was knowledgeable and helpful. Look no further if you are trying to ensure that children are kept safe in your playground.

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