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Enhancing Safety at Primary School in London

Background: The Primary School sought to upgrade their playground fencing to enhance safety and aesthetics. The school required durable, low-maintenance fencing suitable for young children.

Solution: We installed a bespoke, colourful, child-friendly fencing solution. The design included self-closing gates and rounded edges to prevent injury, along with vibrant colours to stimulate a playful environment.

Outcome: The new fencing significantly improved the safety and visual appeal of the playground. Feedback from parents and staff was overwhelmingly positive, noting an increase in children’s enjoyment and a sense of security.

Custom Fencing Solution for Riverdale Community Park

Background: Riverdale Community Park needed to replace outdated fencing around its extensive playground area, which had become a safety hazard.

Solution: We conducted a thorough site assessment and proposed a custom fencing design using high-durability materials to withstand heavy usage and varying weather conditions. The design also incorporated gates with secure locking mechanisms for controlled access.

Outcome: The installation was completed efficiently, transforming the park into a safer and more inviting space for families. The durable materials ensured long-term sustainability, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Innovative Fencing Solutions for Urban Play Areas

Background: A series of urban play areas in a densely populated city presented unique challenges due to limited space and high foot traffic.

Solution: We designed and installed compact, high-strength steel fencing with noise-reduction features. The sleek, modern design complemented the urban environment while ensuring optimal safety and minimizing the sound from play areas.

Outcome: The innovative fencing solutions effectively maximized space, enhanced child safety, and reduced noise pollution. The project received positive feedback from the local community and city council, setting a new standard for urban play area design.

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